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What is PC Software

What is a PC Software?

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What is a PC Software?

PC Software is a High Qualify Keyword It stands for Personal Computer Software. The computer is a very important machine for the current time. Computer machine is very helpful for every field of life. Every home and office use the computer for his/her business and personal use.
A computer is a machine it run by use of PC Software or PC Operating System. Nowadays a lot of company built PC Software and sales it in the market for business revenue.
But Microsoft Software Company is one largest company which is made computer operating system called Windows. Windows have following Types.
What is a PC Software?

1.    Microsoft Window’s Vista
2.    Microsoft Windows XP
3.    Microsoft Window’s 7
4.    Microsoft Window’s 8
5.    Microsoft Window’s 8.1
6.    Microsoft Window’s 10

Above Operating system must be required for the run computer. After this, we need to install Software this Software called PC-Software.
The different company develops Software these software use for a different purpose. The following important company develop PC Software,

What is a PC Software?

*   Adobe PC Software.
*   Corel PC Software.
*   Sage Accounting PC Software
* TechSmith Screen Recording PC Software
*TechSmith Video Editing PC Software.
*   MS Office PC Software
*   Internet PC Software
*   Magix PC Software

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What is a PC Software?

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