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Friday, September 10, 2021

Apple iPad Air Available on Amazon at Just $500

Posted By: WAHEED AFSAR - September 10, 2021

 Apple iPad Air Available on Amazon at Just $500

Apple iPad Air Available on Amazon at Just $500

Almost every professional and creator owns or wishes for Apple’s iPads. Whereas Apple’s iPad Pro range might seem hefty for beginners, iPad Air is the ray of hope for those who are stuck with strict budgets. The iPad Pro lineup starts from $800 onwards, and it might not be the perfect choice for everyone. But, Apple’s iPad Air comes at a more affordable price for iPad lovers.


So, even if you’re a student or a professional, you can own an Apple iPad Air. Generally, Apple iPad Air starts from $599, but Amazon has introduced a great sale on Apple lineup products. And, you can experience a huge discount on your first Apple iPad Air or the next purchase from Apple. Let’s find out every detail about Apple’s iPad Air’s price on Amazon.


Amazon Sale — An Amazing Opportunity for Apple Lovers

It’s not the first time that Amazon has thrown such a lucrative offer for apple products. According to iPhone repair service experts, Amazon has made it possible for individuals to grab expensive Apple products at a considerable price range. Now, Apple’s iPad Air is on the verge of being easily available at just $500 onwards. So, you can avail almost a discount of $100 if you get it from Amazon instead of the Apple Store.


Additionally, it’s the same for all the available colours and variants of the Apple iPad Air. However, the prices can slightly vary from one colour to another; still, it’s way more reasonable than the regular price tag of the Apple iPad Air. And, we can say that this is the best ever price range for Apple iPad Air in the recent timeline.


As per our findings, the blue and the silver variants of the iPad Air are slightly more expensive than $500. They are available on Amazon for $539. But, we think that you can reduce it as low as $500 if you have the right coupons. But, is the Apple iPad Air worth $500? Let’s find out.


Apple iPad Air: One of the Latest Sensations in Apple Product Lineup

Apple’s iPad Pro 2020 and the one with the M1 processor are the best iPads so far. But, this doesn’t mean that Apple’s iPad Air doesn’t stand a chance before those two. If you’re looking for a less expensive yet compelling iPad, then you should check out Apple iPad Air 2020. According to our tech experts, Apple iPad Air delivers superior performance without any drama.


However, you have to purchase the Apple Second-Generation Pencil to experience the doodling instance. On the other hand, you can combine the Magic Keyboard with your Apple iPad Air and come across the same classy experience. You might not get the light-blazing speed of Apple’s iPad Pro as the latter has the M1 processor. But, Apple's Bionic chip can give a close-up competition with the M1 processor.


Apple’s iPad Pro can be your dream tool, and it is also available at a tempting price at the e-commerce store Amazon. You can check out the product’s specifications on Amazon. However, Apple’s iPad Air is receiving more craze and demand compared to Apple’s iPad Pro. The former device is user-friendly and affordable, especially for beginners.


Apple iPad Air 2020: The Review

What does a beginner want with its first-ever iPad? It should be classy by design, powerful in terms of performance, and lightweight for easy portability. Believe it or not, the Apple iPad Air has all the perks for becoming a beginner-friendly iPad. If you’re looking for a tablet for video-editing, photo-editing, or note-taking, then this is the one for you.


Apple iPad Air is the right slate to write off your incredible journey. If you’re thinking about its looks, then it’s nothing less than the iPad Pro. Except for the big camera hump at the rear side, almost everything remains the same for your Apple iPad Air. On the contrary, the Apple iPad Air feels lighter and more comfortable while carrying hand to hand.


iPad Air comes with a display measuring 10.9-inch along with a screen resolution of 2360 x 1640. The display appears sober, and the credit goes to the anti-reflective coating that makes the screen more feasible for use. In addition, the Power button of the iPad Air serves a dual purpose as the fingerprint sensor to wake or unlock your device. This means that there is less bezel as it doesn’t have to make space for the Home button. However, this iPad lacks the face unlock feature for biometric.


Power-Rich Features

What has Apple iPad Air inside to unleash the madness of terrific performance? Well, it’s Apple’s A14 Bionic chip that enables a beasty performance on your Apple iPad Air. Apart from the A14 chip, the device has got a RAM of 4GB and secondary storage of 64GB or 256GB. And, yes, the Apple iPad Air with 64GB is currently available on Amazon for $500.


If you compare Apple iPad Air and Apple iPad Pro from 2020, then you can experience that the Air renders more advantages. The Pro device uses the Apple A12Z processor, and its performance is slower than the A14 one. When it comes to video conferences, art programs, action games, or video editing, everything goes smoothly with the Apple iPad Air.


However, the weakness that we have observed in Apple iPad Air is its battery. If you start binge-watching on YouTube or similar media, then it will last for up to five hours. Rest assured, the Apple iPad Air comes with a 12MP rear camera, and that’s the single rear camera in this device. It doesn’t come with any additional ultra-wide lens or LiDAR scanner. And, the camera is very basic, and you can go with this as a tablet’s camera.


The front camera of the Apple iPad Air can be a game-changer. The 1.2MP front-facing camera is very reliable when it comes to attending video calls. It’s far better than your laptop’s webcam.



Apple iPad Air comes with two main connectivity streams. They are Wi-Fi and LTE. It means that you can connect the device to the nearest Wi-Fi or insert a dedicated SIM to make the connection feasible. However, this device doesn’t offer 5G connectivity, and it flaunts Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.


Besides this, the Bluetooth connectivity of the device line-up has improved a lot since the last Apple iPad Air series. It has leapt to Bluetooth 5.0, and it offers a longer range.


Rest assured, the device seems to work perfectly fine with its accessories. If you have already got an Apple Pencil from Second-Generation, then it will be a better chance to grab an Apple iPad Air for yourself. Apple Pencil is a must-have tool if you want compact grip and association with your Apple iPad Air. And, so does the Magic Keyboard from Apple.

Should You Go for Apple iPad Air for $500?

If you think that Apple’s iPad Air has the potential to fit into your requirements, then, of course, you can grab it. Additionally, the price offered by Amazon seems to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Further, if it’s time to replace your old tablet, turn yourself into an iPad head with Apple iPad Air.


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