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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

8 Robust Mobile Apps Development Technologies for Entrepreneurs in 2020

Posted By: Kamran PS - October 13, 2020

 8 Robust Mobile Apps Development Technologies for Entrepreneurs in 2020.

8 Robust Mobile Apps Development Technologies for Entrepreneurs in 2020
Nowadays, it’s hard to spot anyone without a smartphone. People like to go hassle-free and thus opt for shopping, socializing, travelling and order placements through mobile apps. That’s why business giants and startups are taking interest in mobile app development. Almost every familiar business is promoting its products and services through mobile apps. But, not every app can satisfy users from its user-experience and reliability aspects. It might seem risky to launch a new mobile app, but it has got its own set of benefits.


However, if you are an aspiring owner of your startup business, then a mobile app can be the turning point of your business. If you proceed with the right and trending technology to develop a mobile app for Google Play Store and App Store, then your chances to succeed increases.


Here’s what has been a sensational technology along with frameworks in 2020 for mobile app development.


1.  Python

Have you watched the smooth interfaces of YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram? All thanks to Python. Well, there is no debate among developers over this programming language’s efficiency and amplitude. Python is still one of the most popular and suggested ways to develop worthy mobile applications.


Being object-oriented and open-source in nature, Python offers you a variety of mobile applications. Developers support this programming language for its automatic debugging, GUI programming, dedicated libraries and framework. Moreover, a developer with basic programming knowledge can proceed with this language. So, this will suit the best if you are starting from scratch.


2.  React Native

Let’s discuss a mobile app development framework. Distinct mobile apps development services framework provides a strong base for the entire development process. It’s for a proper structure of the mobile application. Among all the trendsetters in the world of apps development framework, React Native is in the hotlist.


Facebook had launched this framework in 2015 and its popularity hasn’t decreased by an inch by now. This framework is for JavaScript-based snippets for highly-reliable mobile applications. Additionally, it supports major programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, Objective and Swift.


The most exciting part of this framework is that developers need not expertise in every possible way. Moreover, you can avail a preview, as per a user perspective, to test the performance and proficiency of the outcome. According to recent world-wide statistics, almost 42% of developers are currently using React Native.


3.  Flutter

Are you looking for a complete package of software development kit? Then, Flutter from Google would definitely be one of your prime choices. Launched in 2018, Flutter is an open-source, UI- feature-rich platform for faster coding experience. Flutter is highly recommendable if you want to develop cross-platform mobile applications.


Mobile apps developed with the help of Flutter runs on both iOS and Android environments without a single glitch. Additionally, it reduces the cost of mobile app development services, as you need not switch between technologies.


Well, Dart is the supportive programming language for the platform- Flutter. Developers can use the entire snippet from scratch so that they need not write the same code for different platforms. Alibaba, Google Ads, Reflectly are some of the successful examples of Flutter.


4.  Swift

Apple likes to stay ahead when it comes to technology. And, it hasn’t spared the mobile app development trend, as well. To facilitate more Apple-device friendly software, Apple has launched an open-source programming language called Swift.


Swift is compatible with iOS, OS X, watchOS, tvOS, iPadOS and other selected platforms. If you want to proceed with Swift, then cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks would be most suitable for your requirements.


However, Swift is a combination of C and Objective C programming. In case, you focus on only App Store mobile apps, then Swift is the best. LinkedIn, Hipmunk, Lyft are some of the worth mentioning throughputs from the Swift production.


5.  Xamarin

Xamarin is an open-source mobile app development platform owned by Microsoft. It is another convenient tool for producing mobile applications that are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The most talked part about this tool is its brilliant and user-friendly user-interface. Moreover, the developer can continue building a mobile app with just C#.


Additionally, the framework has gained a vast user community. Developers can access native API and UI support any time, due to its simple API integration. As a bonus point, the codes written in this environment are completely reusable.


6.  Apache Cordova

In case, you are looking for a vast array of plugins and web technologies for mobile app development services, then Cordova will be your safest bet. As per recent studies, 157 tech companies are associated with this platform for developing top-notch and super-fast mobile applications. Additionally, the platform has won 818 stars and 336 forks from GitHub.


Moreover, it is also an open-source platform for app development for iOS and Android devices. You can utilize your experience with CSS, HTML5, JavaScript for developing applications on this platform. But, it can cost you more bucks as this technology involves features that work with real-time monitoring. Walmart and Teleport are proud users of this popular mobile app development technology.


7.  Kotlin

Chatbots, artificial intelligence, AR and VR technologies are gaining popularity for modern mobile apps development services and projects. That’s why developers have to prefer advanced programming languages. One of them is Kotlin. This platform supports both Android and iOS devices. Developers who are comfortable with Java can reap benefits with Kotlin as it induces modern Java coding.


What makes Kotlin one of the biggest sources of Android apps development? Basically, its huge library, feature-rich tools, security and clarity makes the platform more suitable for android applications. Coursera, Trello, Evernote are some of the Kotlin-produced applications that have gained huge applause.


8.  R Programming

Mobile applications are not just a medium for increasing sales. They are also used to monitoring customer behaviour and tendency. That’s why machine learning and data analysis are the centres of a craze in today’s digital marketing world. And, if you want to implement these features in your mobile applications, then R programming is your all-in-one choice, no bet.


Similar to Kotlin, you can avail a stack of libraries, excellent framework along with a clean and tested environment, for flawless coding in R programming. Besides this, it’s a powerful platform for the successful realization of statistical computing, as well as graphics.


Choose your Mobile App Development Service Partner

Among all these programming languages and frameworks, you can select the one that suits your app’s requirements. Depending on the features and scalability of the application your choice can be Python, Flutter, React Native or R programming. Discuss your requirements with professional developers to get the most out of the mobile application.







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