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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Adobe After Effect

Posted By: WAHEED AFSAR - August 15, 2020


Adobe After Effects CC 2020

About Adobe After Effects:

Adobe After Effects may be a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application developed by Adobe Systems and utilized in the post-production process of film making, video games and tv production. Among other things, After Effects are often used for keying, tracking, compositing, and animation.

SoniFile Technology recommend to our user use Adobe After Effect PC Software to develop and design business logo animated videos by using 3D style and layouts.

Adobe After Effect one of the best software in the world.


Stable release: CC 2020 (17.0.6) / Pan American Day , 2020; 3 months ago

License: Trialware, software as a service (SaaS)

Initial release: January 1993; 27 years ago

Original author: Company of Science and Art

Written in: C++

Developer(s): CoSA (1993); Aldus (1993-1994); Adobe Inc. (1994-present)


Enhanced animations

Adobe After Effects may be a visual effects software developed by Adobe Inc. it's primarily used for post-production in film-making because of its large arsenal of tools for compositing, animation, effects, and more. If you’re working within the film and video editing industry, Adobe After Effects are an important tool for your trade. With it, you’ll be ready to create stunning visual effects that will definitely wow your audience.

Powerful Editing

Adobe After Effects offers powerful features that make video post-processing easier and provide users with more creative freedom. The roto brush and Auto-Keyframe allow users to quickly make changes to their video assets and objects. RotoBrush can quickly select objects and take away backgrounds even without green screens. it's almost like Photoshop’s Magic Wand tool which may automatically select objects from frames. Needless to mention, this will save tons of time for the editor.


Auto-Keyframes, as its name suggests, automatically creates keyframes for video effects. With this feature, you won’t need to click on the keyframe button whenever you modify the parameters of an object. almost like the RotoBrush, it's an enormous time-saver for editors. These are only two of the various powerful editing tools that Adobe After Effects has got to offer.


Plug-in Support

Although Adobe After Effects already has great built-in tools, third-party plug-in support makes After Effects even better. for instance, the advanced planar tracking plug-in Mocha now comes bundled with After Effects, and this provides users with powerful tracking and masking tools directly from the app instead of having to launch a separate one.


Adobe After Effects also has partnered developers that provide more third-party plug-ins to reinforce After Effects. These plug-ins can provide more transition choices, quick color palette options, light effects, debris, and more. a number of these plug-ins are paid offers and may be quite expensive, and that they aren’t necessary to possess if you only want more filters. However, if you would like to figure faster and better, accessing at least one wouldn’t hurt.


Inter-program Support

The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite offers a comprehensive creative editing experience. As a part of the CC Suite, Adobe After Effects integrates well and has complete inter-program support with other apps within the Suite.


Needless to mention, but videos edited with Premiere Pro are often loaded and processed in After Effects. However, Premiere Pro even features a feature called Dynamic Link which allows users to simultaneously edit and update a project being worked on in both Premiere and After Effects. This eliminates the necessity for importing between the 2 apps altogether. Users also can import PSD files from Photoshop to be used as assets for visual effects in After Effects. because of this, users won’t have any problems interoperating between different programs within the CC Suite.


The Go-To Video Editor for Professionals

Adobe After Effects is clearly not a video editor meant for beginners thanks to its highly advanced features. That said, professional video editors won't fail with After Effects. Its powerful tools and effects will make sure that the video output is high-quality and polished.


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